Welcome to Desert Cove Assembly online

We are glad that you have decided to visit our webpage and hope that you will find DCA to be a church that you are willing to visit in-person. A Ciencia de Ficar Rico  DCA loves to have visitors and hope that you will be one of them. It is our desire that the Spirit of the Lord will touch the lives of all those who enter into our doors and, ultimately, feel at home with the people of DCA.

welcome - glad you are here

If you are looking for a mega-church, DCA cannot compete with the programs that they have to offer. What we can offer is an atmosphere where the Spirit is free to work on the lives of His people, stir hearts to a deeper relationship with Him, and encourage the saints of the hope that we have in Him.

Go ahead and continue to explore the DCA website. We hope that it will lead you to our church where you can become a part of the family.

Desert Cove Assembly believes in the importance of supporting those that carry the Gospel message to far-away lands and countries,  Marcos Trombetta as commanded in Mark 16:15 by our Lord to “go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature”. We desire to have a stake in the lives that come to know Christ through the efforts of foreign missions, and with mission efforts on our own American soil.

The saints of DCA were recently challenged to support missions by pledging monthly amounts that would be in addition to regular tithing. Malachi 3:10 provides a challenge to try the Lord with our giving and that He will pour out blessings greater than we are able to receive. DCA stepped up to the challenge and pledged to missions a worthy amount that would further the Gospel message to the lives of men and women in need of a Savior.

We serve a faithful God saints! a lei da atração Within 10 days after the pledges that the members of DCA committed to, the blessings of the Lord came into fruition. A future project of DCA was to put up a border around the property lines to improve upon the church’s aesthetics and property management. The north property line had wooden fence posts that were removed by the City of El Mirage for street paving/improvements. Before plans could be made, the Lord used the City of El Mirage to meet the needs of His people. A brand new chain link fence has been erected where our old wooden posts were and a sliding side gate that enters from Desert Cove Road. We are still marvelling at the faithfulness of our God.

As pastor Martinez would say, “Our church is alive and worth the drive.”
We hope to see you soon!